"Nobody knew him like she knew him and she was going to make him know himself. Even if it killed her."

oblivion || marlene & sirius


Sirius Black had always found Marlene McKinnon to be beautifully intriguing. She was unlike any other person he had ever become acquainted with, in fact, as the girls he’d been with, many and often, were merely girls. Good for nothing but a ten minute shag, hardly able to hold a decent conversation that spanned more than a few sentences. Yet, he and Marlene could natter for hours about pointless drivel, simply happy to be in each other’s company. Sirius, being Sirius, had thought nothing of it. As he watched through slitted eyes, her body swayed slightly as she strode towards him with more confidence than he’d expected. The hungry look in her eyes made his breath catch in his throat, a low groan coming from deep inside his body before they’d barely made eye contact. Sirius was quickly pulled inside the closet, his heart beating fast as their lips crashed together, sparing a thought of Marlene regretting it afterwards, and they really shouldn’t be doing this but of course. The thought was new to him, and as always, Sirius was selfish and only wanted her. With his mouth feverishly pressed to hers, warmth already starting to creep through his body, the thought of it meaning something else flashed through his head, barely recognising that he considered it as something more before he banished it, reminding himself he couldn’t do anything wrong, otherwise he’d never hear the last of it.

The heat of her defined body radiated towards him and soaked into his pores like thick, warm honey. The kiss was hard, hot, heavy. She tasted so sweet to him, a temptation he could not see himself refusing or ignoring in the future from now. His kiss trailed from her lips to render short kisses down the side of her neck, grabbing the sides of her waist and pulling her closer until there was nothing between them. ”I didn’t think you’d come.” He mumbled into her shoulder, his hands gently rubbing circles into the sides of her thighs. 

Marlene had snogged a fair amount of boys in her time, but not one of them came close to rivaling the searing hot kisses Sirius burned into her skin. It was like heavenly fire that consumed her, promising to leave nothing but ruin in its wake. She’d never felt so completely and utterly awake in her entire life, the flames devouring every thought besides Sirius and how intensely he was making her feel. She hadn’t known just how much she craved to be touched so deliciously roughly. His hands were sure to leave imprints everywhere he touched her; her face, her neck, her hips, her thighs.. She was sure she would wake up and see her body covered in scorch marks, the pain terribly and blissfully unforgettable.

Her own fingers tangled into his hair, refusing to let him get away from her now. Their bodies were flush against each other, but she wasn’t satisfied; he was still too far away. Acting on their own accord, her knees nearly buckled, but Sirius’ fingers gripped her harder and he didn’t let her fall. He lifted her from the floor, his fingernails digging into her flesh. Groaning at the sharp pinch, she wound her legs around his waist as he moved her to the door until her back made contact. She’d no idea what she was doing here with Sirius, but there was no denying that this was not something easily forgotten. She may regret it in the future, but there was no point in that; not when his fingers were dancing flames across her skin.

She felt rather than heard his words on her collarbone, the rumble of his chest sending a warm shiver down her spine. Her face to the heavens and her fingernails against his scalp, she said, “I told you that I always deliver. I’m nothing if not a woman of my word.” Her words were breathless as he hadn’t bothered to stop his relentless and excruciating inch-by-inch worship of her body.

He was her Sirius and she his Marlene.

It’s baffling to see such a deep love end in tragedy. It makes you wonder: if two people who were irrationally, yet terribly and unconditionally in love with each other don’t beat the odds, what does that have to say about the rest of our chances?

HC: Marlene finds Sirius right after changing from his Animagus form.

S: “Oh, bloody hell.”

oblivion || marlene & sirius

With trembling fingers, blood thundering through her veins and a slight curl in her stomach, Marlene made her way silently and slowly to where she was meeting Sirius. She hadn’t thought this through at all, but then again, when did she ever? She was in way over her head and she had a terrible feeling that Sirius knew it as well. She hated when she felt weak and she hated even more when he could see it. But that was just it, wasn’t it? He could always see right through her, no matter how much she tried to hide it.

But as she neared their meeting place, she breathed deeply, forcing herself to relax. She despised that there were strings attached - invisible, but most definitely there - and it would kill her if he cut them loose. She’d been so confident when she wasn’t thinking clearly, and that’s when she realized exactly what she needed to do: stop thinking so much.

Closing her eyes momentarily and breathing in deeply, she cleared her mind - with quite some difficulty, mind you - and approached Sirius with a smirk and a hooded gaze, refusing to think too hard. He was what she wanted and it was about damn time she did something about it.

She didn’t bother with words - that required rational thought. Instead, she strode forward with purpose, grabbing his tie as soon as he was in reach and pulling him into the closet, her hands in his hair as soon as the door closed behind them, effectively shutting out everything but Marlene and her Sirius; Sirius and his Marlene.


Fantastic. I don’t doubt that you do, I’d be surprised at anything less. So are we just going to talk about it, or should I make my way downstairs?


Meet you there.


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Are you going to age with grace?
Are you going to age without mistakes?

civility at its strangest || marlene & rebastian

It seemed more than a bit strange to Marlene that she’d volunteered to visit Hogsmeade with a Slytherin and not just any Slytherin - a Lestrange. It baffled her as to why she’d even spoken up and confounded her even more that he’d been somewhat civil to her; not quite nice, but not outwardly unkind, either. Her confusion was explained when she realized just how happy she was to get off of school grounds for at least a temporary amount of time.

Considering the company she kept, it wasn’t necessarily odd that she’d known about the one-eyed witch passageway, but she didn’t dwell on how it came to be common enough knowledge that Rebastian would known, yet still secret enough that it wasn’t being so overused that it’d eventually be sealed off by the Hogwarts faculty. It also came as a surprise that the Honeydukes staff hadn’t outed them - if they knew it was there, of course - but, that, too was something she didn’t feel the need to waste time thinking about.

"I’m ready when you are," she said as she neared where Rebastian stood by the statue. She’d somewhat hoped that he’d offer to go first because even though they were on speaking terms, she wasn’t too fond of the idea of having his wand behind her back; never turn your back on your enemy, and all that. Not, of course, that Rebastian was an enemy to her in particular - the bloke had never actually done anything to her, personally - but, she wasn’t going to trust him simply because he’d been willing to allow her to accompany him for a nice pitcher of butterbeer and maybe even some firewhiskey if they were lucky.